Here are the places where I recieved my education and also where I have taught. If you see I have an error or can tell me the name (or full name) of one someone in these photographs, please do let me know. If old friends would like to make contact that would be great! Also if you would like your email address to be placed as a link under your name let me know and I will add it.

Schools Index

Berea West Primary 1966- 1970
Pitlochry Primary 1971 - 1972
Westville Boys High 1973 - 1977
University of Natal 1978 - 1993
Kloof High 1986 - 1988

Berea West Primary School

7 Trent Place, Westville, kwaZulu Natal, South Africa
(now called Berea West Senior Primary and Berea West Junior Primary)

Berea West Primary School

There was no swimming pool there when I was there but we collected money for it though. A few times a year we were loaded into buses and taken to the Westville public pool for swimming.
The school photograph taken in 1966 was taken by Mr Mumby with a large plate camera complete with black cloth hood. It took ages to get us all assembled and in place and close inspection of the image shows that many of us are looking pretty unhappy.The print was too large for a scrapbook and at some stage I cut it in half... click on any of the three images for a complete high resolution image!
Class 1 and class 2 1966

Class 1 and class 2 1966

Class 1 and class 2 1966
Class 1, Class 2 and Std 1 1966
Thanks to Marilyn Board for most of the names above ! More names added by Maryanne Colley (Jackson). Please contact me with additions and corrections. Additional class 1 or class 2 photographs would also be appreciated!

Standard 1 Ms Tindale, Bridget Keal, Richard Reid, Michael De Villiers, Dale Schultz, Kenneth Isaacs, Mark Canning, Richard Caywood, Rowan Brink, Anthony Crampton, Linda Busch,  Susan Bigby,  Beverly Henderson (Van der Walt), Colleen, Pamela Holmes (Davis), Michelle Louw, Caroline Barboure (Darroch),  Gayle Oliver (Adlam),  Corinne de Marigny (Cozens), Bronwyn Sale (Royce), Deborah Flemming, Dail Ziegler, Lesley James, Moira Mulholland, Marilyn Board (Wood), Robyne Caine, Jennifer Brown, Linda Madden-Menton (Thiart), Patricia, Gordon Fletcher, Claude Middleton, Gary Pugsley, Simon Pearse, Christian Liebert, Wayne Schroeder, Alan Patrick, Steven Henderson.
Standard 1 1968

Thanks to Susan Bigby, Bronwyn Sale and Marilyn Board for some of these names!
Standard 2, Glenn Owen, Mark Canning, Dale Schultz, Jonathan Peach, Tony Barry, Christopher Blastoff, Beverly Henderson, Deborah Tate, Michelle Louw, Linda Swart (Grenfell), Chantal Geyser, Claude Middleton, Diane, Marilyn 'Maz' Lagesse (Cabral), Marina Milani,  Debbie Owen (Andrews), Gordon Fletcher, Barry Chauvin, Sandy Thompson, Brett Nichol, Marc Kerf, Ian Stevens, Simon Pearse
Standard 2 1969

Thanks to Bronwyn Sale for some of these names!
Standard 3  4th Row: Gary Morton, Ryan?, ?, Markus Topper, Conrad Barnard, Dale Schultz, Mark Canning, David Cosgrove, Brett Nichol, Michelle Louw, Susan Van Quickelberge, Karen Fritch, Colleen Louw, Simon Pearse, Arthur Brett?, Deborah Tate, Chantal Geyser, Dail, Kurt Maltze, Allen Colins, Allan, Gordon Fletcher, Sandy Thompson
Standard 3 1970

Pitlochry Primary School

49 Pitlochry Road, Westville, kwaZulu Natal, South Africa
(now called Pitlochry Senior Primary)

Pitlochery Primary School owl
Pitlochery Primary School

At break we used to play soccer where there is now a pool... the sports field at top left is also new since I was there...

Standard 4: Owen Williams, Ronald Goedeke, Kevin Bottom, Dale Schultz, Peter Swanepoel,  Craig Hilton-Taylor, Michael Creed, Lynn Ryder, Isa Naafs, Megan Reardon, Cunera Viser, Philippa Land, Tracy Nankervis, Bernadine Prior, Jenny Cotton, Cheryl Diemer, Colleen Moss, Margaret Green, Candice Francois, Belinda Eigeman, Jenny Alston, Belinda Wood (Schoombie), Linda Newman, Sandy Jocelyn, Mrs Cairns, Roslynn Chate, Susan Philp, Beverly Johns, Colleen Cowie, Amanda Corbishley, Brett Chettleburgh, Peter Matchett, Trevor Whitehorn, Gary Viverous
Standard 4 1971

(Thanks to Craig for this picture and the names)

Can someone please send me a Std 5 picture from 1972 ?

Westville Boys High School

Wandsbeck, Westville, kwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Web site:
Westville Boys High
Westville Boys High School badge Westville Boys High School

I actually swam in the school pool which was built by my father in about 1974. Before the pool was built, the basket ball court and the pool area was a hockey field called 'Growlers Patch'

Standard 6 2nd Form: 4th Row: Munchen, Dermot McConnell, Dale Schultz, Russell Duminy, Patrice de Marigny, David 'Toey' Cosgrove, David Clarke, Peter Swanepoel
3rd Row: Stephen Ryninks, Allen Bechard, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Swan, Richard Caywood, D. Coulson, Gary Morton, Michael Eades, James Clark, Wayne Westoby
2nd Row: Barry Chauvin, Justin Arthur, Nicholas Kilpin, Geoffrey Green, Mrs V. De Wilde 'Granny Wild', Pierric Laggesse, David 'Radar' Brittle, Sandy Thompson, Gino Pastorino
Front Row: Steven Bent, Vaughan Coombes, Wayne Schroeder,  George Pratt 'Totem Pole', L. Fouche, Steven Henderson, Gary Sandbach
Standard 6 (2nd Form) 1973

Standard 7 3rd Form: Vim Kemper, Garth Grierson, Jimmy Visser, 'Long John' Grant, Metcalf, Andrew Adams, Mathew Duncan, Charles Kantor, Allen Bechard, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Gavin Rimmer, Henry Luiz, Dale Schultz, Larry Riddle, Frank Marsden, Totten, Christopher Lister-James, Derek Jones, Jarkko Marttinen, Claude Middleton, Miss Roff, Peter Matchett, Kim Gallagher, Andrew Jamieson, Graham Perleman, Gordon Fletcher, Derek McEwan, James Melville, Alan Watkins, Brett Chettleburgh, Kieth 'Worm' Furguson
Standard 7 (3rd Form) 1974

Standard 8 4th Form: Chris Glaister , Hardman, Tony Barry, Gregan Greet, Dale Schultz, Russell 'Jody' Fraser, McInnes, Shaun Jackson, Impey, Russell Duminy, Thompson, Morrison, Paul Grobler, Steven Andrews, Cook, Michael Rowe, Tony 'Fidel' Castro, Roelof Camminga, Derek Copp, Mark Waite, Mantle, Gary Trepes (Trees with a p), Dave 'Taffy' Evans, Stead, Vaughn Pakes, Mr. 'Rog' Owen, Smallberger, O'Donnohugh, Steven 'Chicken-run' Peralta
Standard 8 (4th Form) 1975

Standard 9 5th Form: Bartels, Dale Schultz, Richard Kingma, DuToit, Andrew Gwillam, Barry Moores, Gordon Brookbanks, Vim Kemper, Cirian McLachlan, Scott?, Smallberger, Cocking, Hardie, Russel Dumminy, Frank Marsden, Stewart 'Bullet' McKinlay, Francois DeMarigny, Roelof Camminga, Ross McLaren, Charles Kantor, Richard Caywood, Mev. Robertse, 'Sabs' Rothman, Gary Trepes, Andy Jones
Standard 9 (5th Form) 1976

Standard 10  Sixth Form: Tony Barry, Dale Schultz, Philip Parkhouse, Gregan Greet, Vaughn Pakes, 'Mufta' Woolatt, Russell 'Jodi' Fraser, David Mountain, Michael Rowe, Shaun Jackson, DuPlessis, Roelof Camminga, Rothman, Morrison, Derek Copp, Stewart 'Bullet' McKinlay,
 Andy Jones, Miss Pamela Linley, Gavin Smallberger, Tony 'Fidel' Castro, Gary Trepes (Trees with a P)
Standard 10 Matric (6th Form) 1977

Standard 10 Sixth Form 1977
The entire Standard 10 Matric (6th Form) 1977
A larger image of this group.
  • Back row: facebook profileA. K. Morrish, S. H. Ryninks, K. L. McQueen, M. Bartels, P. E. Brinzer, facebook profile V. R. Biggs, facebook profileD. M. Schultz, P. J. Parkhouse, facebook profileR. M. Kingma, R. N. Grant, W. J. Kemper, A. J. Barry, facebook profileG. I. Greet, G. C. Metcalf, facebook profileM. M. Aldridge, facebook profileB. Cooper.
  • Eighth row: G. R. Scott, facebook profileW. R. Hulbert, facebook profileA. J. Adams, F. B. du Plessis, K. G. Fritsch, D. Alderton, N. A. Sage, G. T. Brookbanks, facebook profileP. R. Mullen, facebook profileP. B. Lansdell, I. N. Runsey, facebook profileP. Swanepoel, D. N. Smith, P. E. North, G. S. Collins, D. P. Clarke.
  • Seventh row: A. R. Bechard, I. M. W. Brown, facebook profileJ. H. Arthur, P. L. Hampton, G. A. Pentz, M.J. McMichael, M. S. Duncan, B.J. Moores, D. A. Whiteley, C. J. Montgomery, G. R. Grierson, R. G. Palmer, I. A. H. McLean, facebook profileH. M. de Chazal , S. Boosey.
  • Sixth row: R. M.Joyce, facebook profileR. J. Fraser, facebook profileS. D. Jackson, J. D. Clark, R. A. Wright, G. C. Pugsley, N. A. de Gersigny, R. Reid, V .J. Rudolph, A. E. Gwillam, facebook profileC. Hilton-Taylor, R. J. Lewis, G. Smalberger, facebook profileM.J. Rowe, D. G. Mountain, C. R. Middleton.
  • Fifth row: S. G. Hardie, R. I. Makin, F. A. Marsden, A. C. Bolt, facebook profileW. A. Jamieson, facebook profileD. W. Sloan, R. Camminga, P. W. Grobler, E. P. Lathleiff, facebook profileG. J. Hudson, facebook profile N. B. Matthews, facebook profileH. W. Luiz, D. L. Nielsen, D. 0. O'Brien, P. Field.
  • Fourth row: D. S. Davis, M. J. Cook, facebook profileR. K. Duminy G. R. Cocking, M. G. Maeso, G. J. Morrison, S. H. Duguid, facebook profile S. J. MacKinlay, D. A. Heinsohn, C. B. Osborne, D. King, M. K. Totten, N. M. Peddie, G. J. Moores, facebook profileB. L. Chettleburgh N. W. Basson.
  • Third row: facebook profileF. J. Reeder, G. C. Dunnington, facebook profileC. M. Lister-James , J. S. Whitehouse, N. S. C. Poulton, B. P. Lamusse, A. M. Hudson, facebook profileD. R. Copp, facebook profileC. A. Castro, G. L. Owen, J. R. Melville, A. M. Blackman, A. W. Watkins, D. D. Cosgrove, B. Dempster, facebook profileI. R. McLaren, facebook profileG, W. Fletcher.
  • Second row: M. C. Rees, S. B. Bent, D. C. Jones, J. Lister-James, R. J. Cering, C. G. Kantor, facebook profileG. Trepes, facebook profile D. A. Posel, C. A. Hadlow, J. J. Marttinen, G. J. Alexander, P. J. Matchett, K. L. Ferguson, A. H. Jones
  • Seated: C. F. Wagner, *J. C. Visser, *S. Rothman, facebook profile*R. G. Rimmer, facebook profile*M. J. Erasmus, facebook profile*V. T. Pakes, facebook profile*B. N. Kilpin, Mr P. C. Doyle (Headmaster), facebook profile *R. E. Goedeke, *G. T. Woollatt, facebook profile*M. M. J. Kerf, *A. M. Craze, *K. A. Gallocher, *D. G. McEwan, G. Perlman.
  • Absent: C. J. Barnard, facebook profile N. B. Campbell, facebook profileK. A. McLoughlin, G. M. Sandbach, facebook profile B. J. Stapelberg, facebook profile F. Weder.
  • * = Prefect

    Westville Boys High staff 1977: Back Row: B.O. Smith, B. Brown, Roger V. A. Owen
5th Row: J. Siemaszko, J.R. Catto, Dave Rossler, B.A.D. Coulter, W.J. Reed, K.W.G. Dickens, K. Garside, A.O. Balcomb, H.K. Rob, F.C. Prior, D.J. Scott
4th Row: J.P. Gummow, D.A.E. Brehmer, C.E.M. Hatton, B.P. Anderson, Wendy A. C. Brauteseth, D.J. Anderson, W.G. Hills, M.M. Everest, J.F. Fraser, S.M. Shephard, V.R. Allen, ?
3rd Row: A.W. Johnson, Y.J. Bretenbach, H.M. McNamara, I.C. Thomas, S.L. Brodger, B.G. 'RIP' Kirby, S.K. Naylor, T. Martin, G.F. de Kock, L.A. de Goede, R.K. Skinner
2nd Row: M.H. D'Almaine, B.S. Dragsund, C.P. Rickard, Don F. Pavard, H.D. Parsons, Richard G. de Goede, S. (Theuns) Breytenbach, Wilma E. 'Flymo' Fitschen, Pamela A. Linley, P.J.K. Trytsman
Front Row: T.C. van den Berg, S.M.D. van der Westhuizen, Terry M. Niven, H.R. 'BS Bertie' France, N.G. Scheepers, P.C. Doyle, R.W. Couzens, E.V. Mathews, B.M. 'Bubbles' Edwards, R.T.W. Sparks, M.O. Reynish
    The 1977 Staff

    Thanks to Hilton Berry for a few names

    University of Natal

    King George V Avenue, Glenwood, Durban, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    (now called
    University of kwaZulu-Natal)

    University of Natal, Durban Campus

    Geography Department 1982: Debbie Broderick,Celeste Hoines (Stretch) , Debbie Fowler 'Wookie', Doris mThiyane, Beryl Cawthra, Beverly, Dale Schultz, Jenny McDowel, Carol Wright, Michelle Friedman, Sheila McDonald, Barry Angus, Rob Wilson, Hem Harripersad  Jeff McCarthy, Geoff Willis, Rosanne Diab, Rob Preston-White, Diane Scott, Gerry Garland
    Geography Department 1982

    Kloof High

    34 Emolweni Road, Kloof, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    Kloof High Web site

    Kloof High 1986: R Buter, R Prigge, S Raeburn-Ward, K Bates, E Patten, Ettiene Cilliers, J Cox, P Edmunds, E Johnstone, Desireé? Horlock, Margaret? Trollip, K Archer, C Myburgh, N Schreiner, R Croft, J Smith, M Marcus, S Bremner, Paul Bristow, M Malone, S Dines, B Waddell, C Burdon, B McNeill, T Schuurman, Dale Schultz, Heidi Chatterton, Nicole Steyn, Karen Evans
    Kloof home class 1986 (3S)

    Kloof High Staff 1986: Philip Lanz, Peter Jenkins, Dale Schultz, H Sluis-Cremer, Colleen Lilford, B Wishart, A Labuschagne, Dave Manion, R Marshall, P Peckham, G Ballard, I Koenig, A Kent, L Howell, S Wortmann, G Gosher, T Toerien, M Ortmann, B Leverton, G Joseph, Sue Comber, F Walker, T Hoffmann, M Paton, D Lambert, H Rosling, Di de Rosemond, A van Schalkwyk, P Burns, H Muscat, Arthur Bishton, H Puzey, M Cairns, B Davidge, John Power, W Simson, A Labuschagne
    Kloof High Staff 1986

    Thanks to Kathy Naylor for some of the names.
    Kloof High 1987
    Kloof High home class 1987

    Kloof High Staff 1987: R Botha, N Smith, H Sluis-Cremer, Dale Schultz, Dave Manion, T Allen, G Gosher, P Peckham, S Reid, Colleen Lilford, Gaye Ballard, R Marshall, W Simson, M Adler, C Smith, Philip Lanz, S Wortmann, M Joseph, R Holding, M Macfarlane, A Kent, Barry Leverton, J Fairburn, T Toerien, G Mallon, B Wishart, I Anderson, G Joseph, N Foster, M Ortmann, T Hoffmann, Flo Walker, G Williams, Charlene Law (Deacon), J Clover, S Britz, I Koenig, D Lambert, Di de Rosemond, H Rosling, C Gregory, M Rogers, M Paton, J Visser, Kathy Burnett, L Howell, B Counihan, E Alexander, Sue Comber, A Labuschagne, A van Schalkwyk, B Davidge, Arthur Biston, H Puzey, M Cairns, John Power, P Burns, H Muscat
    Kloof High Staff 1987

    facebook profileDale Schultz

    updated 23 February 2015
    Dale Schultz